Aircraft Maintenance & Support

Overhaul, Repair, Inspection, and Modification Services for Aircraft and Components.

Legacy aircraft are remaining in the overall fleet longer, experiencing a higher operations tempo, and incurring an increased average age that exceeds historical highs. This is driving the need for maintenance, modifications, and upgrades. We offer solutions for every level of maintenance.

Field Aerospace performs programmed depot maintenance and overhaul, as well as line maintenance by leveraging our broad platform knowledge and experience, and are able to provide programmed depot maintenance and overhaul services to all sizes and types of aircraft, while specializing on C-130, KC-135, and E-6 aircraft. Being a vendor of choice for these services is due to our fully qualified and trained staff as well as its significant investment in support equipment and tooling. In addition to providing maintenance services, Field Aerospace also offers maintenance training services for maintenance crews and aircrews. Our flight operations services provides experienced aircrews for maintenance test flights, flight training and mission training.