Field Aerospace Announces New ODA Administrator

Field Aerospace is pleased to announce that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved a new Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) Administrator for Field.

Bob Wiltse received the designation on June 4th. He was originally hired as a Certification Manager with this significant objective in mind.

“We are incredibly proud of Bob's accomplishments and his dedication to professional growth,” said John Taylor, President of Field Aerospace. “His extensive preparation and commitment to this role are a testament to his capabilities and our confidence in his leadership.”

The ODA program is used by the FAA to grant designee authority to organizations or companies. ODA holders are authorized to conduct the types of FAA functions organizations normally need to seek directly from the FAA.

Field is one of only 42 STC ODA holders allowing the company to develop and issue Supplemental Type Certificates.

Wiltse brings years of certification experience to this new role. Over the past six months, he has been diligently preparing by taking several FAA-sponsored classes and receiving mentorship and guidance from Dr. Mike Hopper and Omar Palacios, who have previously served as ODA Administrators for Field Aerospace.

In addition to his new responsibilities as the ODA Administrator, Wiltse will continue to serve as the Certification Manager.

“Bob’s dual role ensures that we maintain the highest standards of certification and regulatory compliance, further solidifying our commitment to excellence and safety in the aerospace industry,” said Taylor.